Monday, June 24, 2019
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The testimony of the Driver Ojol: Smoky, head of Lion Air Swooped to the top

“My own view that the position of the plane tilted to the left, sure as hell because here there are the writings of the Lion.”
Dream-A taxi driver online (ojol) (Motorcycle Taxi) claimed to witness a second-second aircraft of Lion Air Flight JT610 pulled out black smoke, before finally falling in Tanjung Karawang, West Java, on Monday 29 October 2018.

Anastasia Lorinda Dorcas Mengko familiar accosted Tasya claimed to see the incident from his residence in Karawaci, Tangerang District.

Tasya says, the condition of the aircraft visible hollow on the right and a smoky, right near the wheels.

Initially, the son of Tasya outside the House saw the plane with Lion Air, and directly reported to him when leaving work.

She was curious and testified that the aircraft with the position slanted to the left.

“So I came out, I see for yourself that the position of the plane tilted to the left, sure as hell because here there is writing the Lion, it flew to the top with the head swooped to the top,” said Tasya who accidentally come to the pos JICT II, to report his testimony to KNKT, Thursday 1 November 2018.

According to Tasya, after the plane passed by, she saw a bodywork between the wheels the right smoke. No wheel out but there is a hole.

She watched the plane at 6.25 PM morning. sHe also claimed to hear the voice of the aircraft was not noisy, but it is a bit loudy.

“I’m sure 100 percent (see),” hse added.

Hear The News Of Lion Air JT610 Fall, So Could Not Sleep
Tasya thought after the plane passes would fly back to normal. Her continued his activity as usual.

“I know there’s a baseball accident or what. I came home about half the 12, I turn on the TV I see this aircraft I have seen, “she said.

“I am as a human being I normally silent I am sincere. But until yesterday I was as if baseball will be able to sleep, I feel guilty just look can say what it could be like that, “dial Tasya.

Tasya says, the aircraft was out of line should be skipped. Because according to her, the line cross the plane she look them up on television don’t pass over her house.

“Incidentally I also understand GPS radar that, because my husband is a sailor. If I see that my home location with radar it’s different. My point here, it is not through the path of the plane, “he explained.

She invited the authorities to his home to see the positions he at the sight of Lion Air flights smoke JT610 black.

“You can see his position is appropriate or not. Because if viewed in the zoom it’s not passing my house, “added her.


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