Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Networgaming,Rummy has become a game of choice for people across the country. The rewards being offered for online rummy players is making it more and more tempting for people to join up and start playing. We all play games with the whole and sole aim of winning. But in our heart of hearts we all know that winning, that too all the time is not possible. But then we look at the trend of winners, we find that there are some people who win more than others. Surely, there is some formula they use that makes them win so consistently.
We all know and acknowledge that rummy is a skill based game and people have their own personal style and strategy they apply to win. Based on our study of the winning habits of these rummy game champions we have distilled a few steps or strategies they follow that make them winners.

We call it the ABCD formula and here it is: A is for Assessment: This is the first step towards winning at rummy. Picking up the cards that you have been given arranging them and then properly assessing them. This will give you a fair idea of where you stand in the game. If you already have a natural run, then it is great, having a joker or two adds to the positives, cards with good potential are also great. You need to assess these things at a glance. Playing more games and more frequently will help you first develop and then sharpen this ability.
B is for Brilliant planning: Once you have finished your assessment, then you can move on to planning your moves. We are aware that you can only plan so much as the chance aspect of rummy kicks in at this stage; you cannot predict what cards you will get from the open and closed pile. But however the thing you can do is plan how best to make the cards you have gotten work for you. Plan this carefully leaving ample scope for flexible changes as per changing circumstances.

C is for Correct decision: Once you have assessed and planned, you may be at a stage where you need to make the correct decision. This could mean that you decide to continue with the game or you may decide to limit your losses and quit the game. Often this decision is difficult but essential to take at the right time in the form of damage control.
D is for Discarding: As you are aware Indian rummy games is played on the pick and discard pattern. One of the factors that will take you that much closer to victory is knowing what cards to discard and when. Perfect this aspect by observation, experience and a certain amount of calculation. There you have it – a simple, smart and effective formula that can help you win at rummy games. Remember that though simple, this formula needs to be used intelligently and diligently, for it to work.


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