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“Around at 11 am ET (East Time) on Sunday (October 14, 2018), our favourite guitarist Keith Richards died. Keith Richards was born on December 18, 1943 in Dartford. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show me the sympathy and condolences you with commenting and liked this page. ”

News of the death of guitarist Keith Richards spreads quickly earlier this week, causing concern among fans around the world. However the report October 2018 have now been confirmed as hoaks. Thankfully, the Rolling Stones guitarist is alive and well.

Rumors about the alleged death of the guitarist gaining attraction on Sunday after a Facebook page ‘ R.I.P. Keith Richards ‘ draws almost a million like.

Hoaks news was stunned me, Keith was a lure attached to icons in The Rolling Stone, rock and roll band that his voice along with the growth of youth over the past 5 decades until now.

Keef it cool calls Keith Richard, to call a boy. Keef literally powder Cannabis or marijuana.

Since the launched Rolling Stone, Keith is the spirit of rock music berspirit the Dionysian, one symbol of all limits and restraints. By overflowing vitality and passion not to reject any given this life, no matter it’s pleasant or painful. The span of his feet are in between regularity and chaos even without regret.

Dionysos the God of wine and intoxication in the shadow spirit art of a genius philosopher Nietzsche’s Assembly Member in the pre Socrates.

Keith’s face, is about a long road ride down a fighter of rock ‘n’ roll, which is hard to believe, that in fact was born as a child sweet angel voicemail in one choir boy at Westminster Abbey.

Keith Richards grow as the Knights of rythm guitar ever upfront Earth, holders rank four of 100 great guitarists throughout the century version of Rolling Stone magazine.

Regular sleep 2 nights perminggu on the Summit of Fame, along with The Rolling Stone he convinced the band to incarnate as the greatest rock and roll band universal. And apply the benchmark by which all rock and roll bands are measured.

Experienced in bui, treated addiction, humiliated, and several times was ditepi the abyss of death, but he was unmoved. Keith a fighter pancen rock and roll including a sublime unstoppable rolling all year long.

With type sarcasm Keith as proud to say, he is a ranking figure ever projected in the list of deaths during the ten years of successive bandwagon. And I was so disappointed I wish down the rankings, the last one recorded down kepringkat nine. So the writing is legible from the best selling his memoirs, “LIFE ”

Since launched The Rolling Stones around 1965, spread oot anti Beatles. How the petentengan gig, anti-establishment , makes teenage fans into a split. The polarization of the parents and girl girl action enthusiast of sweet The Fab 4 (Beatles), inevitable. Action four sweet young man (Beatles) at stage the a couple style of Buffalo butt, piqued by the style of The Rolling Stones.

duo with Brian Jones (deceased)-guitar duo paired Firebirdnya, Keith shook the world with songs such as the invasion of Satisfaction, She Said Yeah and Get Off of My Cloud, along with front man Mick Jagger-lipped partidos groaning, and dower the wire style motion that clay.

Listen just older songs Not Fade Away the property of Buddy Holly, Keith change the Buddy Holly song resembles the beat Bo Diddley style Huff (Ellas McDaniel) icons of American R&B, guitarist with harmonica and a blend of acoustic and electric guitars. So primitive, sticky music beat emotion tied up with black leather.

As well as George Harrison (The Beatles ‘ quiet lead guitarist of the deceased), Keith is the only person who is responsible for the characteristic sound of The Rolling Stones, from a five-string guitar sweep that made it hard to breath with long copied R&B.

Subsequently he was ordinary in cap anti George Harrison, who was much influenced by white guitarist Carl Perkins and Chet Atkins.

Embrace guitar Riffmeister upscale, Keith with a sweep of sharp and inventive with the track icons such as Start Me Up, Satisfaction, Brown Sugar, Jumpin ‘ Jack Flash and Honky Tonk Women. From here he won as a follower of noble pioneers and the rock guitarist, Scotty Moore & Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters blues & Jimmi Reed.

Nils Lofgren, guitarist Bruce Springteen’s E-Street Band, very remembered at that time had the opportunity to tour keruang to replace Keith Richards, he stood in awe of the dark and cynical mood stared at Keith Richards at the opening of the Magic’s “Gimme Shelter “.

As in speak to Rolling Stone magazine: “Keith just write 2-3 theme direct tone more powerful than my guitar solo ever

I looked at the dressing room, Keith with red wine expensive start practicing his finger with a riff, or a solo phrase Chuck Berry the more emotional “.

In addition to skill on the guitar, as the composer Richards also cleansed in the shade of the Hall of Fame, hall of fame, as inseparable parts of the Jagger-Richards, from friend and sometime adversary throughout the ages, Mick Jagger. A confusing friendship for more than 50 years that continues to the present day, but full of creativity and inspiration that are the envy of each other interspersed lightly as friend.

But Keith and Mick are intellect, is increasingly in the socialite selebirtinya, especially when separasinya with Mick, which each had published his solo album.

Subjected to a discussion in 1988, when Keith promotion of his solo album, Talk Is Cheap, then he’s 44 years old, but looks likes 20 years older. With smoking nonstop and occasionally downed Jack Daniel. Helens hour interview, Keith gives a consistent response is genuine and attentive, unlike mere ordinary interview is already incalculable.

Thinks a question mark whether The Rolling Stones was able to survive from both Richards and Jagger solo career? As Keith, “Mick and I, were testing each other this emphasis. But I pity the man. I love working with him, there are some things he did pisses me off, but there’s nothing more disappointing than a friend. If you are unable to lean on a friend, you are just a friend of the past.

Mick and I’m a bit of a, just to be able to digest. It’s not about two people a satisfying flavor tajir superstar ego. Search only this intersection. I think this emphasis is Mick requires more than The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones need Mick “.

In 2013, when the holder of the caste of nobility, Sir Mick Jagger is preparing the Union of celebrities, royality and empowerment elite. Keith Richards at home are far in Conneticut, where he nearly 30 years living with his wife’s former supermodel Patti Hansen. He appeared much older and wise, earthy and happy.

“I’m similar to the others. Only the more fortunate happenstance and luck has not turned “, he said.

And Keith Richards should be able to live longer, and no doubt will continue to sway. Keep Rocking, God of rythm


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