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A mechanical Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin as a gamer u must have it.Havit mechanical extra thin its one of the cheap mechanical keyboard i recomended.this keyboard really awesome and the backlit very beutifull.remeber this keyboard worthed to buy expecially u a gamer with mobility cause these Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin very thin and light soo u can carry all over the place.for the price u can get very cheap and u gonna stay gaming for so long.havit really taken seriuosly making this product because we got an amazing cheap mechanical keyboard with backlight.dont forget its thin too so u can bought these Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin every where.u can bought to school, campus, or office.

1. 7mm shorter switch height than traditional mechanical keyboard; 6mm ultra-thin suspended keycaps, 3mm key travel and 1.4mm response distance, offers a shorter travel distance, more accurate actuation, delivering precision and lightning speed performance.
2. Unique Ice Blue LED Light,enjoy games and typing at night.
3. Multiple Customizing Backlight Modes, Fn+F1-F5 for Customizing, Fn+F12 for Saving Your Setting, Fn+F6-F11 for Presetting Modes
4. User-friendly Design, Driver Free, Plug & Play, with detachable USB to micro cable, convenient and portable.
5. All 87 keys of N-key Rollover, ensure great gaming experience.
6. Fully Compatible with: Win 10/8/7/Vista/ME/Mac/Linux/IBM PC

Key number: 87 keys
Size: 354*127.5*22.5mm
Net weight: 520g
Interface Type: USB
Cable length: 1500mm (Black USB cable)
Operating force: 45±10gf
Travel(Total): 3.0mm
Voltage: 4.75V±10%
Current: ≤ 50mA (No backlight),≤ 250 mA (brightest backlight)
Service Life: >50 Million Key Operation

Powered by Kailh PG1350 low profile blue switch, the progressive HV-KB390L low profile mechanical Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin gives just 22.5mm (0.89 Inch) of thickness, and is by a long shot the most slender 87-key mechanical Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin you can purchase. With just 3mm of aggregate travel and about 45g of working power, you can press your key quicker, in this manner discharge your in-amusement capacities faster. Another advantage of short travel is the firm clicky sound, as you won’t hear the sound of the keycaps knocking on the keyboard cover. In a hurry? Simply plug/unplug the removable smaller scale USB link appended. Need light? Press FN+F6-F11 for 6 preset illuminated modes, and FN+F1-F5 for customization modes!

A more slender Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin does not just mean it is more convenient and more lightweight, it likewise mean it requires less investment and exertion to press a key, in this way influence you to respond quicker in diversion and in regular business. With the most recent Kailh PG1350 blue switch, the HV-KB390L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin accompanies a thickness of just 0.89 Inch, which is over 25% more slender than a standard 104 key keyboard. The 3mm of aggregate travel and 45g of working power gives you a characteristic and quick mechanical composing knowledge with no knocking sounds between the keycaps and the cover like other long travel switches do.

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Control Everything with Driver

By installing the driver, you can configure the follow settings:

  • Backlit modes
  • Macros
  • Game mode
  • Enable/disable Win key
  • Response time of key pressing
  • USB report rate
  • Media keys
  • Profiles

Detachable Micro USB Cable

The 60 Inch micro USB cable on the Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin can be unplugged from the keyboard. It is so much easier to carry the Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin and the cable separately than carrying them attached while you are on the go, also it is easier to repair / replace the cable!

Ice-Blue LED Backlit

Choose from the six preset Backlit modes by pressing FN+F6-F11, or customize your own by pressing FN+F1-F5 (FN+F12 to save)

Most slender 87 key mechanical Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin out there the present moment

Fantastic decision for those searching for moderate board with a Kailh Blue Switch

Smaller, tenkeyless board that is generally compact for a mech

I adore the vibe of the position of safety PG1350 Kailh blues

Driven illuminated usefulness isn’t impeccable

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin & Light can make u more having fun for gaming.

here some Q$A from amazon review

Can you insert ring dampeners on the Kailh switches on this keyboard to make them more silent?
Yes. I put o-rings on mine to good effect. They eliminate the sound of the plastic keys bottoming out and give a slight springiness. You’ll want rings that are 1.5 mm thick or less. I tried two types: 8mm x 2mm (circumference is tight but ok. Thickness too much: keys only worked when pressed squarely from above) and 11mm x 1.5mm (circumference is a bit loose but the rings stay on even when you turn the key upside down. Thickness is perfect.) 
By a reader on January 21, 2018

I was able to put o rings on, but they need to be really thin to work well. Otherwise, the keys will rock and could pop off.
By Mothership on October 11, 2017
The switches Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin  as they are out-of-the-box are non-intrusive blue switches, so they’re already pretty silent. I’m not sure if you can put ring dampers (I doubt it because maybe they wouldn’t fit), but I personally wouldn’t want to because then they’d be too silent.
By Reynaldo Garcia on October 8, 2017

By Charles Crame on October 8, 2017
I don’t think the previous answers really solve your problem. These switches are not easily dampened like traditional blues. This is because the entire mechanism for the click is different. Specifically, check out this video:
By Blue on December 7, 2017
Yes. And I recommend it. But do not use standard keyboard o-rings, they are too thick and will interfere with key actuation (I tried 1.4 and 1.5mm without success). I would recommend use 1mm x 9mm rubber o-rings (just general purpose ones you can find here on Amazon). This provides a nice subtly muted and springy bottom to your keystrokes that is a delight to type on. 
By Kris Zyp on August 21, 2018

These superb extra thin mechannical keyboard with light got everything for gamers
Anyone know what the fn+ prnt scrn with the target sign and g in the middle does? what about the fn and arrow keys?
I can’t figure out what fn + prnt scrn does but the arrows allow you to set the direction on some of the animations. For example if you have the wave animation (fn + F6) you can set it to do left to right (fn + right), top to bottom (fn + down), right to left (fn + left) and bottom to top (fn + up).
By Neil Bantoc on July 21, 2017

While you are in Game Mode (fn+print screen) press fn+windows key to enable/disable windows key.
By Alfred Morgan on December 3, 2017
I programmed all the letters to dvorak and even programmed a few other buttons like PgUP and PgDn to show desktop and switch between apps.
I found by accident that fn + Prnt Scrn will make the keyboard default. All letters and macros will go back to their stock letters, but press fn + Prnt Scrn again, and voila, it goes back to the programmed settings. Software not needed. It’s kind cool because it can give more commands than originally thought, but I do with they detailed this function in their manuals, also hitting that combination isn’t the easiest to do for actual gaming or work. But at least I can have other people use my keyboard and easily switch it to QWERTY for them.

By Mothership on September 24, 2017
The Target sign with the G should be Game mode. Razer Keyboards also have the Target sign with the G and it Disables the windows button so you don’t accidentally press when you are playing a game.
Is this Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin has on board memory to store macro settings? Or, the driver has to run all the time?
It stores all settings on board
By Vahan on April 21, 2018
Is this Gaming Keyboard Extra-Thin coated with the rubbery stuff?
I just bought the one with red switches and it does have that weird thin rubber coating on the keys. They are oil magnets. It remains to be seen on how they wear from use.
By Taco on October 28, 2018

Nope. This keyboard is made with plastic that feels really good to type on. No rubber.
By Mike Johnson on April 16, 2018

wheres to buy this amazing cheap mechanical keyboard :

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