Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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This Story last second before died : Syachrul SAR Divers, Lion Air accident karawang indonesia

A diver named Syachrul Anto died when Lion Air evacuation process PK-LQP that crashed in the waters of Karawang, West Java. He was aware of the faint, but then exhales last in hospital.

Vice Marshal Kabasarnas M Syaugi talk about the suicide of Syachrul in a press conference at the dock JICT 2, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Saturday (3/11/2018). He claimed to be deeply mourn.

“I as the head of the bereaved niece Basarnas also profusely over the suicide of a hero of humanity of our volunteer team for the sake of the nation and State duties. I frankly gave high appreciation to the personnel of Indonesia the Diver.

Syaugi tell Syachrul is a figure often divers involved in the operation of SAR Basarnas together. Syaugi claims to be well enough to know the Syachrul.

“The deceased was a high quality personnel, a senior militant. Hours of submarine high enough, “he said.

Syaugi tell Syachrul yesterday’s dive into the sea together with his colleague to find the whereabouts of the victims and the debris of Lion Air PK-LQP. However, when diving, Syachrul stupor.

“If God willed to another, there are none of us who are able to prevent it. They were yesterday afternoon with two divers, with bodinya down to the bottom to see the goods or victims who are still there. After that, one party was looking for something, suddenly turns to the other (Syachrul) does not exist. Search-search for nothing, rise to the top. It was at the top, a bit far and was found by a SAR team. Fainting, “he said.

“We have doctors, we work on by doctors. After he realized, we put in the chamber for decompression. We have equipment that is all. After that it turns out that God willed otherwise. We immediately take it last night it was the soonest possible to Jakarta and then to Koja hospital, “connect Syaugi.

Syaugi said the corpse Syachrul has been submitted to the House in Surabaya. Syachrul today are buried. Sobs of family and colleagues took him to the final resting place.

“I as Kabasarnas and this integrated team deliver a deep over the suicide of mourn the hero of humanity. I very much appreciate as a volunteers. Without being asked, their spirit of carrying out humanitarian tasks, “he said.

Anto Syachrul (41), divers fall in search of Lion Air in Karawang, West Java, was buried in Surabaya, East Java. Sobs family coloring process of Syachrul cemetery.

The radar detikcom, sortied from funeral home corpses of the road number 25 North Sill Merisi, Surabaya, East Java, Saturday (3/11/2018). Before being taken to the cemetery, his remains were brought to the mosque Jami Syachrul Mecca for cremate.

After that, the bodies were taken to a local public cemetery. The family, relatives and others undertook to deliver the bodies to the cemetery.

Victim’s wife Lian Kurniawati, his daughter and his father-in-law is also present in the cemetery. They were seen crying over the tomb of the victim.

The victim’s brother-in-law Ibnu Alex a (51) says although the victims in Makassar, but the parties agreed to bury the family in Surabaya. This is because a biological mother Rabiah (80) are also currently living in Surabaya.

“If to Makassar too distant and the condition of his mother also does not allow brought there (Makassar), ” said Ibnu

Syachrul is the 4th child of 7 siblings. He left two daughters named Falensia Jihan (23) and an adopted son named Ais, meanwhile, after the funeral mourners from both colleagues and relatives as well as family still continue to trickle in. A variety of wreaths from Surabaya and East Java Basarnas also looks at funeral home

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