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When you think of Microsoft and Xbox what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Halo by Bungie Studios? It is to many gamers all around the world. Before Bungie studio’s released the highly anticipated Halo trilogy it released such games as the Myth series, Marathon and Oni. It was founded in 1991 by two undergraduate students and primarily based their games for Macintosh. Although when Bungie was first introduced to the gaming world, they went under the name ‘Bungie Software Products Corporation. ‘

When Xbox first teamed with Microsoft they came out with the highly anticipated game called Halo: Combat Evolved. Due to the success of the game, which sold 6. 5 million copies during its release, it quickly became the flagship franchise for Xbox. 2004 came and so did Halo 2. During the first day of release for Halo 2, $125 million copies we’re sold, surpassing what Halo: Combat Evolved had achieved. Another 3 years later in 2007 came the extremely anticipated third and final installment of the Halo trilogy, Halo 3. Within the first day of release, Halo 3 sold $170 million worth of copies, thus surpassing what Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 had achieved.

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The Halo Bungie website has become a very popular website for Halo gamers. It allows gamers to be able to log in and take a look at their statistics and ranks. Since it’s such a large community, gamers can also find ways to beat a level they are having a hard time with, or learn new tips and tricks for their online play so that they can make their way to the top in their ranking. Gamers can talk to each other about the games as well as purchase Halo memorabilia off of the website.

Halo Bungie website always evolves after each game of release. The developer’s of Halo have announced that they have been working with Peter Jackson. It is possible that gamers may see another installment of the Halo franchise. Although no actual news about projects has been announced, gamers have been given hints that something has begun.

we’re going to be covering the entire
Halo storyline extremely quickly I went
over this articles with some of the most
hardcore Halo fans out there and we made
sure to cover as much as possible and as
short of a time as possible so without
further ado let’s get you guys ready for
halo 5 guardians the Halo games are set
about 500 years in the future in the 25
hundreds humanity has now been exploring
the Stars for close to 300 years and has
established colonies on 800 different
planets however organization starts to
splinter and Earth begins losing control
of these worlds and is on the brink of
Civil War in order to prevent the Fallen
outbreak of war a scientist for the UNSC
United Nations Space Command named dr.
Catherine Halsey came up with the idea
of creating a group of soldiers to bring
stability to human occupied space this
idea became known as the Spartan to
program the candidates for young
children ages four to six who were
kidnapped indoctrinated and raised as
soldiers from this very young age they
were then surgically genetically and
cybernetically enhanced once they
reached physical maturity their
unnatural augmentation procedures would
kill or cripple 42 out of 75 of the
trainees the remaining 33 spartan tubes
were fitted with Meola armor which
vastly improved their already superhuman
strength speed agility reflexes and
these soldiers quickly became the most
effective weapon against the rebelling
colonies while fighting the rebellion
humanity encountered an even larger
threat in alien civilization known as
the Covenant their superior technology
and weaponry allowed them to wipe out
entire planets with ease and they would
only stop when all of humanity was
extinct the Covenant advance would only
slow when they were challenged by
Spartans who never lost a single battle
while fighting on the ground this is
where the games begin chronologically
the order is Halo Wars Halo Reach halo
combat Evolved halo 2 halo 3 ODST Halo 3
and Halo 4 in 2552 the aliens advance on
the UNSC s largest military stronghold
reach the second most populous human
only to earth the UNSC fended off the
Covenant for weeks but reach would
eventually fall the game Halo Reach
follows a story of noble team a six-man
Special Operations team which consists
of one spartan 2 and 5 spartan threes
who went through a revived continuation
of the spartan program noble team fights
against all odds to obtain many ground
victories in order to hold off the
Covenant onslaught
so that civilians can escape from the
planet surface their last mission is to
retrieve the artificial intelligence
known as Cortana and bring her to the
human ship the UNSC pillar bottom before
it leaves reaches surface as well all
but one member of noble team gives up
their life in order to ensure that the
pillar of autumn escapes with captain
Keyes Cortana and the Master Chief
during their escape Cortana sent the
pillar bottom into a slip space jump to
a random point in space that she had
deciphered from ancient alien ruins
found in one of her encounters with the
Covenant this is where the game halo
combat Evolved begins the first one in
the series on the run from the Covenant
the pillar of autumn now emerges from
their slipspace jump right in front of a
halo shaped ring war unbeknownst to the
humans the Covenant were waiting on the
other side of the planet already they
attacked the pillar of autumn firing
upon the UNSC spacecraft forcing it to
land on the halo once there the human
soldiers coordinating effective
resistance against that endless barrage
of covenant attacks during one of these
attacks the Master Chief sneaks on board
the Covenant cruiser called the truth
and reconciliation and rescues a
captured captain Keyes during his
incarceration captain Keyes overheard
that halo is both a weapon and a
religious artifact to the Covenant in
order to learn more about halo the
Master Chief goes on a solo mission to
halos map room as well as its control
room where Cortana eventually discovers
that halo was made by an ancient alien
race known as the forerunners whom the
Covenant worship is gods in their
pursuit of their great journey after
Cortana downloads this wealth of
knowledge she tells the chief to regroup
with captain Keyes and sergeant Johnson
since they are in extreme peril but
unfortunately Master Chief is too late
then discovers evidence of a battle
between Johnson and Keyes against the
flood a parasite is oldest the
forerunners themselves Keyes would later
be lost to the flood upon learning that
the flood of men released 343 Guilty
Spark a forerunner AI comes and helps to
chief to locate halos key known as the
index and activate halos weapon defense
systems in north of help eliminate the
flood right before Master Chief fires
halo Ortona intervenes and explains that
halo obliterates all living things in
the entire galaxy so in other words
halos stopped the flood by starving by
killing everything else in the galaxy
rather than destroying humanity and all
other life in the galaxy like 343 Guilty
Spark wanted Master Chief decides to
blow up the crash-landed pillar bottom
by setting off its fusion reactors
before the detonation of the UNSC ship
shatters halo Master Chief escapes and
begins his long trek back to earth and
halo 2 begins the Covenant elite who is
responsible for protecting the halo that
Master Chief destroyed is publicly
shamed by the three covenant leaders or
prophets known as truth mercy and regret
master chief and sergeant Johnson who
also escaped from halo were awarded for
their valor but were immediately called
back into action because the Covenant
had discovered Earth’s location after
the initial wave of cummin attacks were
repelled the Master Chief chases one of
the prophets with the commander Keyes
captain Keyes his daughter only to
discover another halo ring while the
Master Chief is pursuing a profit regret
the disgraced elite commander thell
vadym II is offered a chance at
redemption as the arbiter arbiters are
sent on suicide missions in times of
desperate need and are expected to die
as a martyr for the Covenant his first
suicide mission is to kill a rebelling
elite who claims that the prophets or
holy leaders are lying about this great
journey it’s important to note that
during this raid the rebelling elite
also breached a flood containment
facility and released the flood parasite
now jumping back to Master Chief story
he finally catches up and kills the
prophet of regret which makes the
Covenant believe that elites were no
longer fit to protect the prophets so
this role is passed on to the Brutes now
jumping back to the arbiter storyline he
sent on yet another suicide mission but
his later betrayed by Tartarus chieftain
of the brutes and sent falling into the
clutches of the grave mutt who also
captured the Master Chief during his
escape after the assassination of
the grave mine is the combined
consciousness of the entire flooded
segment that has been spreading around
so it’s the brain in order to preserve
itself the grave mine enlightens arbiter
on the true purpose of halo as a weapon
and sends him and the master chief to
prevent the Covenant from firing this
new halo ring in his pursuit of the
other two prophets the Master Chief
witnesses the prophet of mercy being
attacked and infected by the flood
leaving only one remaining prophet the
prophet of truth Tartars tries to use a
capturing Miranda keys to activate the
halo ring
but if stopped by sergeant Johnson along
with the arbiter as Master Chief leaves
to chase the prophet of truth who’s on
his way to earth to activate all the
remaining halo rings Cortana stays
behind to make sure the flood do not
escape and spread further throughout the
galaxy this is where halo 3 begins back
on earth Master Chief escapes from the
forerunner keisha by jumping out of it
as it’s entering Earth’s atmosphere he
is retrieved by sergeant Johnson who is
accompanied by the arbiter and they
engage covenant ground forces in order
to eliminate the anti air defenses at
this point we realized that the Covenant
are digging up a huge forerunner
artifact in the middle of the African
continent this artifact turns out to be
an enormous slipspace portal and as if
things weren’t crazy enough the flood
that were released in halo to overrun a
covenant cruiser and crash-landed into
earth bringing that parasitic infection
to the homefront
chief battles through the flood in order
to retrieve a message from Cortana which
says that an even larger flood invasion
is on its way to earth
Cortana also tells him that he must go
through the portal
in order to go to the ark and stop the
flood once and for all the ark is a
forerunner installation which could
activate every single Halo throughout
the galaxy the Master Chief and arbiter
along with 343 Guilty Spark can now make
their way to the ark and find that they
must disable three different shield
generators but lose contact with
sergeant Johnson who was in charge of
taking out the third and final shield
as soon as Master Chief picks up the
slack and disables the third shield
generator a flood infested high charity
come smashing down into the ark but now
at this point the flood knowing that the
activation of every halo ring is
imminent decide to work with Master
Chief and the arbiter in order to stop
truth from firing the entire halo array
once they reached the Ark’s control room
Miranda Keys is found dead at the hands
of the Prophet truth and this partially
infected truth is promptly executed by
the arbiter once the activation has been
halted the grave mind turns the flood
against our two heroes forcing them to
flee the control room now on the run
chief an arbiter learned that the ark
has been producing a replacement halo
installation zero for B to replace the
one that he destroyed in halo combat
Evolved together they decided the best
course of action that take against the
flood would be to fire the replacement
halo but they need the index which is in
the digital hands of Cortana who’s at
the crash landed hi charity after
journey into the center of the
crash-landed hi charity Master Chief
retrieves Cortana overloads its engines
and then destroys the grave mont as the
arbiter chief Cortana and sergeant
Johnson attempt to activate this new but
unfinished halo 343 Guilty Spark kills
Johnson and blasts arbiter out of the
control room Master Chief in turn
destroys the monitor and activates the
halo in order to destroy the incomplete
ring the remaining flood as well as
potentially the arc the Spartan in melee
now raced towards the UNSC ship Forward
Unto Dawn and fly it back into the
portal through which they came the front
half of the ship along with the arbiter
make it back to earth successfully but
the back half with Cortana and John
entered the portal just as it was
closing and are sent into an unknown
part of space Jon goes into a cryogenic
sleep and tells Cortana to wake him when
he’s needed Halo 4 begins with the
four-ton to Don being scanned and sucked
into an artificial planet constructed by
the foreigners called Requiem once Jon
regains consciousness after the crash
landing Cortana reveals that she is
beginning the malfunction and
deteriorate so together they vowed to
make it back to earth find dr. Halsey
and have her fix Ortona
but in order to do so they realized they
must find a communication system and
sent a message out to the UNSC when
trying to contact the nearest ship the
UNSC infinity the Master Chief
unknowingly frees the Didact a
forerunner from his imprisonment the
Didact happened to be the Supreme
Commander of the entire forerunner
military who also has a deep-seated
hatred for humanity but we’ll get to
that later
at this point it’s also important to
note that the
on this planet decide the fight is part
of the dyed x-force’s revering him as a
god since the chief was unable to warn
the UNSC infinity that it would get
sucked into the planet’s gravity while
it to crashes on Requiem and has to
fight off covenant and forerunner forces
on his way towards the infinity the
chief meets commander Lasky and a group
of Spartan force who tell him that he
must continue fighting his way back to
the infinity as well as get the ship up
and running again once this is done the
UNSC pushes back the alien forces and
decides to destroy the gravity wealth
that is holding them there on Requiem
while eliminating 400 defense systems
around this gravity well the Master
Chief is contacted by the living memory
of a forerunner known as the librarian
who is also the Dai tax wife this is
where a lot of people get lost so please
pay attention because she explains why
the Didact hates humanity along with his
evil plan for the rest of halo for over
a hundred thousand years ago humanity
had established a vast human Empire
spanning across thousands of worlds
these ancient humans were so advanced
and powerful that they could practically
go toe-to-toe with the forerunners
however that all changed from the first
flood outbreak PN the wipe out human
world in an attempt to escape the flood
the humans resorted to attacking
forerunner worlds after a long and
violent war the Didact finally defeated
humanity and left the remaining
primitive population back on earth
unfortunately because these forerunners
were not weakened from the human
forerunner war they would be no match
for the flood that we’re about to attack
them before the forerunners activated
the halo array and destroyed themselves
along with the flood the Didact used the
machine known as the composer on a
portion of the now vulnerable human race
then hit on Requiem where he would
eventually be forced into his scriptum
by the library the composer is a machine
that converts the mind of a living being
into a digital format the Didact men
took these digitized human minds and
placed them inside war machine bodies
which would become known as promethium
knights the librarian warns Master
Chief’s and now that the Didact has been
released he will try to use the composer
on all of humanity
she then gives the chief an immunity to
the composer so that he can actually
fight the diet
after this conversation with the
librarian the UNSC finally destroys the
gravity wall the Master Chief regroups
on board the UNSC infinity and explains
that they need to stop the Didact before
he can obtain the composure but the
captain of the ship captain del rio
decided that it would be better to leave
and inform earth rather than fight the
Didact here on requiem cheap disobeys
these orders and chooses to go lone wolf
in an attempt to stop the Didact from
even leaving Requiem in obtaining the
composure while the chief doesn’t
succeed in preventing the die Tex escape
he does board a company ship which
follows the Didact to another halo ring
with the composer at a nearby UNSC
research base the Didac retrieves the
composer and tests it on the scientists
on board the research station but Master
Chief is able to survive because of the
enhancements that were given to him by
the library continuing his pursuit the
Master Chief takes a nuclear bomb and
then piggybacks the Didact slipspace
jump back to earth where the UNSC Armada
is waiting for them the infinity blasts
a hole in the Didact ship allowing John
to enter but even though Master Chief is
now onboard the ship the Didact
activates the composer and begins
digitizing humans on earth the Master
Chief finally reaches the Didact
but is completely outmatched until
Cortana nearing the end of her life
restrains the Didact allowing the chief
to hit him with a pulse grenade which
sends him flying into a slipspace
rupture beneath the composer in one
final effort to save humanity the Master
Chief manually detonates a nuclear bomb
at point-blank range using the last of
her strength Cortana protects the chief
and they have an emotional farewell as
Cortana says goodbye and disappears this
is where Halo 4 ends and halo 5 begins
while we don’t know too much about halo
5 Guardians storyline we know that it
takes place eight months after the
events of halo 4 due to the collapse of
the Covenant the elites homeworld of San
Helios is in a state of civil war in the
arbiter is trying his best to keep his
people together while that’s happening
human colonies from all across the
galaxy are falling out of contact
because of the mysterious appearance of
these gigantic guardians we also know
that the Master Chief and his old team
of Spartan two is known as blue team are
working with the UNSC at the start of
the campaign but eventually choose to go
AWOL and at
this point agent Locke and the rest of
fireteam Osiris in group of Spartan
fours is tasked with finding them I hope
this video helped you get caught up to
speed with halos wonderful storyline I
put a lot of work into this so if you
did find it helpful please leave it a
like and consider sharing it with
friends but as always thank you so much
for reading and I’ll see you all later


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