Monday, June 24, 2019
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In daily life, adults play different characters. They are daughters or sons of their are parents of their kids. Maybe they are boss. They also are customers. They are busy everyday. They have to play these characters well. For kids, they think that adults are happiness and they wish that they can live like adults, so when they play playing house games, they will imitate taut and play different characters. For girls, they often love to play the babysitter, beautician, chef or waitress. In this passage I will introduce some management games.
Management games is one of categories of girl games and there are many different forms. Some girls love to playing hair games. Here they can the the owner of a hair salon and your task is to make a beauty hair style for your customers. Like in reality, different people visit hair salon have different aims. Some people want ot have their hair cut. Some people need a perm and color hair. But there are also some people who just want to wash their hair. You just need to serve them according to their needs. If they are satisfy with your service, you will get money and if you let them wait too long and they are not satisfied with your sevice, you would can not get pay. I you want ot get more money, you must serve every customers in patience. Care games can let kids experience the hard of parents, so it is necessary for parents to choose care games for their kids such as Mommy Cares. It is a story about a good kid named Jocelyn. Today she will help her mom to take care of her brother and you task is to finish all little missions. First you need to collect all fallen stars from the hanging toys. Second you need to smooth out creases on the sheet so that the bed can become comfortable. Then shake the rattle to play with little brother. The little brother is hungry now and you need to stir the milk formula to get rid of the lumps. Now he is sleeping and you need to switch on all five night lights. After finishing all these missions you will get score. Guess how much you will get? If you are food lover. If you are obsessed with cooking. Here you can falls. Here, you can be chef and do all kinds of delicious food. Also you can be a boss of restaurant. At the same time,you can experience the work of waitress. You will be busy in serving your customers. Sometimes you have to make food for your customers and then serve them. After they left, you also have to clean the table. Furthermore, you need to collect money.
Young girls like to imagine. They have draw a most beautiful picture of their life for future. In their mind, we have designed how they should be in the future. Here girls can experience any occupation and they can enjoy the fun of playing games. If you want to your kids experience different jobs, introduce management games for her.


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