Monday, June 24, 2019
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Disney Universe is available on the PS3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii and can be played by up to four players. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Store you’ll know that the surroundings are so full of sugary snacks you can feel your teeth begin to disintegrate as you enter through the door. Now we cannot refute that Disney Universe isn’t endearing, but somehow it doesn’t feel like you’ve been chewing on Fruit Pastilles. In fact, it’s a very intriguing little beast that has obviously drawn from a wide board of inspirations. As a 3D showground multiplayer game, it could effortlessly be sized up against any one of the Lego games, while it also steals a large slice of LittleBigPlanet’s physics-based puzzling and costumed characters, some of the cutthroat edge from Dreamcast classic Power Stone, a smudgeon of Raving Rabbids and a not insignificant portion of Kingdom Hearts. Yes, many of these games are targeted at children, but Disney Universe still keeps hold of an ever so marginal grown up edge.

It is hardly a game in the mould of God Of War, but having to open fire on a huge mermaid with a cannon in order to gather her tears shifts it away from the scopes of idle kiddie cash-in towards something with a lot more fan use. That’s isn’t to say there is a big amount of depth. You can revisit stages in order to unleash new attire, concept artworks and coins to expose more even stages. And, the arenas themselves have been imaginatively put together to include puzzles, traps and classic boss fights, but even the mini-game challenges fail to detract that this can only really be stomached in short blasts. Still, if you’re searching for a party game you can play with your children without feeling too patronised by overly simplistic gameplay (or getting overwhelmed by primary colours), this makes a great substitute to the likes of what Nintendo normally offer.



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