Monday, June 24, 2019
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Congestion of the Savior
usually people humming with traffic congestion and regret because it did not come on time
Sony survived the tragedy of Lion Air due to badly stuck in cikampek
Here’s his story:
Sony Setiawan, one of the country’s Civil Apparatus Kemenkeu the Regional Directorate of the Treasury (DJPb) province of Bangka Belitung, survivors of the tragedy of the Lion Air plane nahas JT-610 route Jakarta-Pangkalpinang which fell at around 06.33 BST. Aircraft of Lion Air Jakarta-purpose 610 JT Pangkalpinang crashed in waters of Karawang in West Java Monday (29/10/2018) earlier today.
Most of the passengers is known there are several passenger origin intansi Prosecutor’s Office. It is presented by the Chief Prosecutor of the province of Bangka Belitung (Babylonian Kejati), Aditya Warman SH through the legal explanation of Kasi (Penkum) Kejati Babylonia, Roy Arland SH. indeed the Lord wanted another
Prosecutors there are dipesawat Coordinator of Echelon 3 Andri Wiranopa, wife and child, Dodi Thys Michels kasi pidsus Kejari Kejati staff Sastiarta Pangkalpinang, Babel, Johan Ramadan Password of functional Kejari South Bangka District Attorney, Roy said in a short message/WhatApps ( WA) in a group of reporters Monday, Prosecutor (28/10/2018) morning at about 10.17 pm. The previously rumored aircraft of Lion Air flight JT number 610 contact was reported missing after taking off from the international airport Soekarno-Hatta at around 06.00 GMT Monday (29/10/2018). The aircraft was intended to be landed at the base of the Pinang. Now the Lion Air plane arrived at the airport Depati Amir Pangkalpinang at 07.20 BST but the plane was quite unsuspected rumored lost contact and it is certain to fall in the water Karawang, West Java.

Sony along with 6 other friends from Kemenkeu DJPB Babel should fly Lion Air use JT-610. However, Sony stuck in Cikampek toll road while Soekarno Hatta Airport from his native town of Bandung. Sony was forced to change flight schedules with aircraft of Sriwijaya Air. While 6 other friends continue with Lion Air flight.
“Usually at 3 in the morning I was up at the Airport (Soekarno-Hatta). This is my new 6.20 PM hours up at the airport, badly right this traffic-jammed, “story after Depati Amir Airport arrived in Pangkalpinang. Sonny realized one of her entourage became friends 6 passenger aircraft of Lion Air while in the waiting room departure and get a phone call from his colleague.
“I limp, until I cry. Because I know my friends are still there. There are 6 people, 7 the same me, that of Director General bursaries tend to only. Well, that 6 people were domisilinya in Jakarta, Tasikmalaya, Tangerang, Bekasi, “he said.
Sony finally take off from Jakarta using Sriwijaya Air at 09.40 BST and got to Pangkalpinang at 10.45 pm.
Sony acknowledged, while in Jakarta before departure the weather in Jakarta is pretty good.
“I dont there is a hunch before, just yesterday I was just afraid of late. We usually go home every week, “he said.

Indeed if God seeks no other manner of God for us

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