Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Lion Air aircraft JT 610 with the route Jakarta-Pangkal Pinang, crashed in the waters of Karawang, West Java. The fall of Boeing 737-Max 8, making dozens of terrified passengers and canceled its flight ticket (refundable).

Tuesday (30/10) afternoon, the atmosphere of the Lion Air Headquarters in Gajah Mada street Number 7, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat. Dozens of people, braving dozens coun ter. The passengers of this piece of evidence, bringing the travel tickets already booked since the far-distant day, before the accident happened.

“Want to cancel a ticket to Batam created on 26 November. Me and my friends were afraid after the events of the accident of water in Karawang, Lior “said Susi, one of the prospective passengers to Lion Air.

Before entering the building, the atmosphere was magnificent enough suffering already felt. A dozen bouquets containing say grief over the plane crash are still pouring in from various parties.

The entire wreath ber like the size of it, lining is placed near the entrance. The existence of Garland quite seized the attention of people who entered the building fro.

Go deeper, there are ample room. In the middle is placed the dozens of chairs for waiting places. The entire sales and returned Lion Air tickets to various destinations, in and outside the country are served on the first floor.

Dozens of officers wearing the uniforms of red, with a sprightly paced serve dozens of people are queuing. “I’ve already buy tickets a month ago because there are events Office in Batam, ” says Susi is back.

For prospective passengers who want to buy a ticket, can head to the counter 1 to 10. Counter 11 to 14 for ticket refund process. While the counter 15 to 20 for a refund in bulk. 21 to 30 counter for ticket sales.

From across the counter, where the refund of the ticket’s most bustling, populated mostly scores of would-be passengers. They line up stands in front of the counter. The reason, the seats that are available are not sufficient anymore. “I’d like to cancel 6 tickets. Want to move other airlines only, “said Susi.

Susi confessed shock with Lion Air accident events in Karachi on Monday (29/10). Braga himself along with his friends will also use the airline for flights Jakarta-Batam November 26th.

“After the accident, I and my friends agree mem cancel for fear of going anything later, ” said 30-year woman working in one of the Office of the Government of DKI Jakarta.

He hoped, a plane crash does not repeated aagin with the terms of the entire airline must really pay attention to the condition of the aircraft before the flight. “If it breaks, don’t be forced to fly, ” he said.

Yet others with Titi. Showa Cilandak, South Jakarta will also cancel flights Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta route on January 2019. However, this veiled woman said, not because of the plane crash last Monday.

“I am forbidden to go far, because my mother is sick at home, ” said Titi.

Actually, Titi admitted to misgivings with the events of the accident. But she believe, care of the entire aircraft of Lion Air is carried out well and regularly. “Very silly if not worth constantly being forced to fly, ” he asserts.

However, Titi disappointed ticket refund process did not match expectations. This is because the ticket price is Rp 900 thousand that originally only replaced Rp 200 thousand. “Change to lose very little. Moreover, I was refund all the way today, “he said.

Lion Air ticket refund clerk who reluctantly mentioned naman eh says, every day a lot of passenger did refund the ticket. “The amount could be dozens,” he said.

However, the officer said, the cancellation of the ticket not because there was a plane crash, but the routine of every day. “But today it’s a little bit more, ” he said.

This woman says, the entire refund conducted prospective passengers will definitely be further processed. Provided that, at least 4 hours before the flight. “When passing from it, refund can not be done, ” she asserts.

For the value of the refund, she said, vary according to the time of cancellation and where the place of booking tickets. If through an agent or online, cutting its big enough. “But when ticket messages directly to the headquarters of Lion Air, amply cut is not too large, ” details.

He exemplifies the process of refund up to 4 days prior to departure, amply cut wal jad only 30 percent of the ticket price. Next, exactly 3 days of lum, amply cut was increased to 50 percent. To most exactly 4 hours late lum flying, exposed pieces of up to 90 percent.

“If the message to the Central Office, money refund will be transferred to the account of prospective passengers. If through an agent will be reimbursed through an agent, “she said.


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