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A Search Of The Wreckage Of The Aircraft Of Lion Air JT610
Team SAR(Indonesian rescue team) Detection Lion Air flights Carcasses on the ocean floor Cape Fern

Search the victim and also the wreck of the aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 enters day 4, Thursday (1/11/2018).

Aircraft JT 610 Lion route Jakarta-Pangkalpinang carrying 181 passengers and 8 crew members crashed in the waters of Tanjung Karawang, Karawang, West Java, 13 minutes after takeoff from the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Monday (29/10/2018).

For three days the search process, a team of the national SAR Agency (Basarnas) and Combined Search Team has been getting significant results.

1. Flake Suspected Aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 Found

Most grievous suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 that crashed in the waters of Tanjung Karawang was found at a depth of 32.5 meters.

The discovery of debris suspected fuselage private television was broadcast live.

From the video recording, big chunks and debris are seen aircraft from small to large.

The joint SAR team detected the wreckage of the aircraft of Lion Air, which fell on the beaches of Cape fern, Karawang, West Java, was on the sea floor. Results were obtained after combing through 400 meters from the location of the discovery of fragments of the plane.

The head of the Agency SAR Air Vice-Marshal TNI (Marsda) m. Syaugi says, currently deployed four ships to search for the debris of the aircraft of Lion Air. Three ships are equipped gear Side-Scan Sonar, Multi-Beam Echosounder.
Plus one more ships have additional tools remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV).

Of the comb for about 12 hours, the waters of Tanjung Karawang, Fern found various parts of Lion Air aircraft as well as several properties that allegedly belonged to the passengers. Entirely located on the ocean floor.

“We can already see and find things relating to goods of passengers. If it’s the last lifejacket, pants, suits, and others much earlier. We see at the bottom of the sea, rather than over, “said Syaugi in the description of the press
The Position Of The Wreck Of The Plane
At this point will be the focus of a search team of SAR. Its location, approximately 400 metres from the missing coordinate contact Lion Air aircraft.

“Direction to the Northwest. We believe around there certainly exists the carcass or parts of the plane is great, “he shot .
Most debris suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 was found at around 17.00 GMT.

Debris suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 found on sixth dives.

Debris suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 found at a distance of 40 kilometers from the location of the departing team of divers in Marunda.

The location of the findings of debris suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 found it fit a predefined area Basarnas, i.e. within a radius of about 15 nautical miles.

2. The voice of the ‘ Ping ‘ of black box sounds

Head Basarnas, M Syaugi, said it has found a voice ‘ ping ‘ that comes from the black box or black box of Lion Air JT 610.

Himself also said the search process and the evacuation of victims is done using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).

“We find that the name ping locator so that there is a black box in the ‘ ping ‘ which can be read, ” says M Syaugi.

“Then by divers-scuba divers are reliable. Under current considerable. ROV, who had to see this brought current, “imbuh him.

Resumption, the location of the ‘ ping ‘ it is 400 meters Northwest from the missing coordinate contact Lion Air JT 610.

Meanwhile, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto hope the discovery of ping locator it could clarify the location of the body of the Lion Air plane JT 610.

“I sure found, the possibility of a strong black box was allegedly so as not to far away also will we find is part of a larger fuselage, ” said Hadi Tjahjanto.

3. Debris Suspected wings and Lion Air Machine JT 610 also found

A team of Marines Denjaka and the team are searching the debris of the aircraft of Lion Air JT 610 on the seabed, in the waters of Karawang, on Wednesday (31/10/2018), allegedly discovered an incised wings and Lion Air machine JT 610. This discovery was the result of having done the seventh time, dive on Wednesday (31/10/2018).

At about 17.10 BST, Wednesday (31/10/2018), on the sixth dives by a team of divers managed to find most grievous suspected aircraft of Lion Air JT 610.

Debris suspected of wings, engines and some chunks of the plane were found in the depths of 32.5 meters above sea level.

Until the seventh dives, at 17.44 BST, a team of divers down and seven were still combing the ocean floor looking for more debris Lion Air JT 610.

4. one body Successfully Identified

DVI team Headquarters Police managed to identify a victim of Lion Air aircraft JT 610 falls on Monday 29 October 2018.
victims who successfully identified was named Jannatun Cintya Goddess (24).

Jannatun is the villagers Send RT 1 RW 1 district Sukodono, Sidoarjo that worked on the staff of the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES.


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