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Amongst the hottest games ever debuted on the Playstation Portable in Jan 2006 are the Freedom City Stories. The Vice City Stories carries forward the legacy of one of the best selling games so far for the Psp console. Featuring an overhauled combat system, changed targeting and the bribing option, the game is set as a precursor to the immensely popular Vice City. Take-2 Entertainment, the originators of GTA Vice City Stories, in cooperation with Rockstar have managed to squeeze a whole world into a hand-held gadget.

Gaming :
Placed in Vice City in the year 1984, the story follows the existence of Victor Vance, an ex US military soldier, dragged reluctantly into the world of drugs and crime. Vic is forced into narcotic trafficking by his Sergeant for which he’s eventually dishonorably discharged from the division. Vic soon ends up in Vice City and finds himself shifting drugs for the Mendez siblings. Soon he’s joined by his trouble Lance and together they now intend to take over the entire Vice City operations. Vic’s disastrous attempt and his successive retribution forms the core of the game. Though the main story is only something like fifteen hours of gameplay, the real deal lies in the hidden quests and the bonus jobs scattered throughout the story.

The open, non-direct condition enables the player to investigate and pick how they wish to play the amusement. Despite the fact that storyline missions are important to advance through the amusement and open certain territories and substance, they are not required, as the player can finish them at their own relaxation. At the point when not going up against a storyline mission, the player can openly wander diversion’s reality. The player can likewise share in an assortment of discretionary side missions. The conventional side missions of the past recreations are incorporated, yet have been reasonably redesigned and upgraded contrasted with past titles. Another expansion to the amusement is “Shoreline Patrol”, in which Victor (the player’s character) must manage bikers on the shoreline by shoreline carriage (by slamming or shooting to thump them off their bicycles) or tossing life preservers to suffocating swimmers by pontoon or by taking a paramedic around to harmed individuals on the shoreline..

Features :
– Extensive graphics revamp : The buildings and automobiles are now more detailed than the previous versions of the game. The people are now smarter and recognize you from your previous actions.
– Prolonged gameplay : The game is set as a prequel to the Vice City edition for the Playstation 2 and as a successor to the Liberty City Stories.
– Extra Weapons : an entire range of fresh weaponry have been adopted to stay in tune with the period the game is set in.
– Wider space : Enjoy a town wider and bigger than the beforehand.
– New vehicles : sea planes, amphibious vehicles, jet skis in addition to vehicles, vans and motorbikes.
– Multi-pplayer : The game features ten different methods of multi player gameplay thru the PSP’s wireless connection.
– Customised soundtrack : Have your favorite tune blasting out in the background while playing the game. With the assistance of an program called Rockstar Custom Tracks, you can rip CDROMs and convert the tunes in a format that may be read by the game.
– Sandbox style gaming allows you to have absolute control over any entity in the game, from people to automobiles.

Verdict :
One of the finest series ever just got better with the Vice City. Expanded gaming, better control and a mass of novel weapons make this game one of the best Playstation portable games in history.


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